April 18, 2019
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Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018: Kavanaugh unfit for Supreme Court, Hutchins for House District 131, Golden no radical

Kavanaugh unfit for Supreme Court

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s angry, belligerent, disrespectful and openly partisan testimony during last week’s hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee should be disqualifying. His deportment was so disrespectful that he should have been reprimanded if not asked to leave.

It is not the purpose of this letter to consider the merits of the allegations against Kavanaugh, although his unwillingness to clear his name through a full FBI investigation into them is puzzling. Yet, whatever that investigation uncovers, Kavanaugh clearly displayed his unsuitability for a position on the Supreme Court.

His aggressively partisan testimony contrasted sharply with his previous statement before the Judiciary Committee that, “[t]he Supreme Court must never, never be viewed as a partisan institution.” His bellicose outbursts, shocking disrespect toward committee members, and brazenly partisan tone peppered with wild conspiracy theories raise serious doubts about his judicial impartiality.

The Supreme Court’s credibility rests on its ability to examine the facts in cases before it in an unbiased, coolly deliberative and nonpartisan manner. Were he to be confirmed, Kavanaugh’s partisanship would undermine the public’s trust in the court’s impartiality. While Kavanaugh is understandably upset about serious allegations against him, which threaten his career and reputation, his unprofessional demeanor before a Senate committee was indefensible.

His evasive answers and refusal to agree to an investigation into those allegations appear incriminating, and his disrespectful, openly partisan testimony and lack of emotional control indicate that he lacks the measured impartiality required of Supreme Court justices.

Janet Lynch


Hutchins for House District 131

Sherm Hutchins is my choice to fill the House District 131 seat (Dedham, Orland, Otis, Penobscot, Prospect, Stockton Springs and Verona Island). In this age of the bickering and the rancor so prevalent in government, it is comforting to know Hutchins will not act like the mean-spirited, spoiled brats roaming both sides of the aisle.

Hutchins is a political and fiscal conservative capable of conducting himself in a moral, legal and ethical manner in the most rabidly disputed of situations, like those often occurring in the town meetings he has moderated for years. He is not the man you will hear shouting down the opposition, reverting to rumor or innuendo, belittling someone or making inferences, vetted or otherwise, that may damage another’s reputation or have the effect of ruining his or her life.

Because he can be considerate of opposing views does not mean Hutchins gives ground easily. He is a knowledgeable, capable veteran of past legislatures, and able to stand firm on his convictions of low taxes, cutting government size and spending, letting the free market create jobs, not Augusta or Washington and protecting and defending our constitutional and “God given” rights.

Hutchins understands many systems in our state are broken and will require polite, fair-minded and level-headed discussion along with some painful cuts to fix. He knows we need civility in our representatives, and I see this disposition running deep in him. If you value legislation that derives from open, honest and politely considered discourse, join me in voting for Hutchins. It’s a vote for decency in government.

Dexter Johnson


Golden no radical

The Republican Congressional Leadership Fund has been running an ad on Maine TV stations portraying Jared Golden as a liberal radical.

I am just wondering exactly how many far-left radicals enlisted in the Marine Corps and then worked for Sen. Susan Collins as a staffer to the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

When do you think Rep. Bruce Poliquin will ask House Speaker Paul Ryan, who raises millions of dollars for that fund, to stop distorting Golden’s record, or for Collins to explain why she allowed such a flaming radical to work for a committee she chaired?

Ginger Graham


Gratwick for Maine Senate

The upcoming election in November provides us with an opportunity to support the work of our representatives in Augusta who have recognized the value of insuring the health and well-being of our local families in need and the importance of providing educational opportunities to all of our children. One such leader in our state government who has consistently demonstrated these goals is Dr. Geoff Gratwick, who represents District 9 in the Maine Senate.

Over the years, he has written and supported legislation that provides educational opportunities for our children and treatment opportunities for families impacted by poverty, mental illness and addiction. It isn’t enough to voice a commitment to the overall welfare of our community and not take action to support that commitment, as some of our representatives have done. Nor is it enough as community members to voice a commitment to strengthen and unify our community and not honor that commitment through our votes for representative who make family health and stability a priority.

This is our opportunity to make that commitment count by casting a vote for Gratwick. I encourage readers to research his record of dedication to these principles and give him your support on election day.

Larry Tyler


Reject Kavanaugh’s nomination

We got a lot closer to the real Brett Kavanaugh in the Sept. 27 hearing than in the previous confirmation hearing. It was neither pretty, nor persuasive. In stark contrast to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, he was evasive, aggressive and furious. His palpable anger at being delayed in the career path to which he believes he is entitled ran so deep that it led him to misrepresent his past and denigrate those who have legitimate questions about his eligibility and are demanding an appropriate process for pursuing those questions.

While he repeated that he bears Ford no “ill will,” he wrote her appearance off as part of a left-wing “Clinton” conspiracy to derail his candidacy. He misrepresented the import of the sworn statements of those who allegedly attended the party, and gave no good reason for not bringing those people in for careful FBI examinations under oath. His demeanor and words were decidedly unjudicial, and suggest that he cannot be a fair and impartial arbiter of any case involving what he calls the “left,” including future cases concerning the extent of presidential powers and protection of the environment.

This is the most important decision Sen. Susan Collins will make in her service on the Senate. I do not think it is a difficult one. She should vote no.

Paul Tisher



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