April 19, 2019
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Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018: Finding truth about Kavanaugh, Liberman a fair district attorney, Angus King no political pawn

Finding truth about Kavanaugh

The Senate Judiciary Committee could easily have found out the truth about the Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford controversy. All they had to do was subpoena Mark Judge, the other person in the bedroom, according to Ford.

Republicans on the committee also refused to hear the questions of the prosecutor they themselves had hired.

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee were more interested in protecting their nominee than learning the truth.

Sen. Susan Collins must vote against the flawed candidate Kavanaugh.

Nancy Allen


Climate change an urgent problem

Humans emit 30 billion to 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide yearly; the U.S. contributes about 8 billion tons. The present level CO2 in the atmosphere, about 400 parts per million, is the highest in 800,000 years. We have been warned that continuing at this rate is a threat to every living thing on earth. The future of humanity is here, on this planet. Our kids and all the kids who come after them. All those bright-eyed innocent kids wanting to play on God’s green earth. Here. On this planet. The one we live on right now.

We know we cannot stop global warming. The CO2 we already emit into the atmosphere will make this place a lot warmer: more drought, wildfires, severe storms, methane as the permafrost thaws. The list is long.

Fossil fuels need to stay in the ground. Time is not on our side. Waiting is not working and we know it. We need to put a price on carbon, support renewable energy, and vote for candidates who will do the same. This is the very least we can do.

Recently, the House, including Rep. Bruce Poliquin, voted 229-184 on a resolution opposing a carbon tax because it would be detrimental to our economy, they said. Our economy can grow without using fossil fuels, but with continued use there will not be an economy. There will be no life on earth. This is urgent.

Poliquin voted for this resolution. Don’t vote for Poliquin.

Douglas Poulin


PTC criticism misguided

In her review of the Penobscot Theatre Co.’s recent production of “The Graduate,” Judy Harrison takes unfair aim at Producing Artistic Director Bari Newport’s selection of “The Graduate” and “Mama Mia!” to bookend the theater’s season. Unlike most nonprofit arts organizations, almost 80 percent of Penobscot Theatre’s income is generated by ticket sales; it is Newport’s job to program works that excite and engage the community, and that is what she has done.

Under Newport’s tenure, the Penobscot Theatre has expanded its offerings, added showtimes, demonstrated new technical prowess, and greatly enhanced production values, all the while programming diverse works that are both challenging and entertaining, and growing its educational programming tenfold.

It is Harrison’s job to be critical of “The Graduate” (though audiences, myself included, have loved it), but her attack on Newport’s selection of “The Graduate” and “Mama Mia!” for the 45th season is misguided at best.

Katie Schaffer


Liberman a fair district attorney

The people of Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Knox and Waldo counties are very fortunate to have Jon Liberman as their district attorney, and I hope you will join me in voting to elect him.

Liberman is very tough on crime and makes sure that those who commit them are held accountable. I am particularly impressed with his advocacy for victims of crime. He fights to protect victims’ privacy rights and secure financial restitution for them.

While he is tough on offenders, Liberman is also fair and is always looking for ways for offenders to rehabilitate themselves when possible. He is a strong advocate of community-based restorative justice for juvenile offenders that encourages them to take responsibility for their actions and become productive members of society.

He is also working to establish a “drug court” in midcoast Maine. This unique approach to helping addicts recover has had tremendous success elsewhere in Maine.

It is this type of innovative approach to prosecuting crime that has made Liberman such an effective district attorney, and I hope you will join me in voting to elect him on Nov. 6.

Mike Thibodeau

Maine Senate president


Mills for governor

My vote is for Janet Mills for governor because she respects the will of the people and will govern accordingly.

A vote for Shawn Moody is a vote for a continuation of the LePage agenda — “governing” by obstructing. He has promised to follow Gov. Paul LePage’s legacy.

LePage issued nearly 200 more vetoes in office than nearly every other governor since 1917, combined. And he refused to enact the voter-approved Medicaid expansion and let a bill that would have effectively killed ranked-choice voting become law. Apparently, it’s OK to waste money on obstructing the functioning of state government.

Mills’ experience in the Legislature prepared her well for working with legislators from both parties to move the state forward after eight years of dismal economic growth and current projections of nearly zero job creation over the next decade.

A vote for Mills is a vote to move the state forward and away from the failed policies of Republicans led by LePage.

Jennifer Jones


King no political pawn

Sen. Angus King is a politician who, like Sens. Margaret Chase Smith, William Cohen and George Mitchell, has served Maine and the country with integrity and common sense.

With foresight and courage, the senator announced that he would not vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh. Lifetime appointments should require substantial bipartisan support, but this process, too rushed and flawed, became downright ugly when accusations of Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct surfaced. But King didn’t wait for this debacle to make his decision. After closely studying Kavanaugh’s judicial record, King found it raised questions about issues we both support, such as health care for everyone, women’s equality, civil rights and protection of the environment. Thus, King decided Kavanaugh should not be on the Supreme Court.

Not a pawn for any political party, King studies the issues, uses research and reason to find the best course of action, and joins others across party lines to make that happen. Let’s continue the proud Maine tradition of sending outstanding leaders to Washington by voting for King this November.

Anne Wescott Dodd




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