Valley Rivers Middle School student Ziggy Bernstein came prepared with an umbrella hat for a school field trip as he helps his classmates set up a tent in the North Maine Woods on Wednesday, Sept. 19. Credit: Jessica Potila | SJVT

FORT KENT, Maine — More than 60 seventh-graders enjoyed learning and having fun in the great outdoors Wednesday and Thursday when they participated in the 25th annual Deboullie Field Trip that School Administrative District 27 has sponsored.

The Valley Rivers Middle School students hopped on buses headed for Perch Pond in the North Maine Woods Wednesday morning to take part in the annual outing. Soon after they arrived, the students and their chaperones put together tents, many of which were made available due to the efforts of a Fort Kent Community High School sophomore who previously participated in the Deboullie outing.

Shaylee Jandreau, who volunteered on this trip, so enjoyed her own Deboullie experience when she was a seventh-grader three years ago that she took it upon herself to write to the L.L. Bean corporation requesting a donation of new tents for the annual outing.

“I love this trip, and I love that kids that don’t usually get this experience are able to come out and enjoy it,” Jandreau said of her request to the famed outdoors retailer two years ago. “[L.L. Bean] gave us a very generous donation of 10 new tents.”

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