Late last week, Mainers Brent Scott and Sam Woodman reportedly took time off from their jobs to travel into the path of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina in an effort to help pets who might be affected by the storm.

In a Facebook Live video posted late Sunday afternoon, followers watched as the duo drove through the flooded streets of South Lumberton, where a local man directed them to a pitbull, standing wet, alone and apparently hungry on a nearby porch.

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Scott and Woodman approached the animal, who had a severed leash on her neck and no tags. The dog’s reaction — the video of which has been viewed thousands of times, and has been shared by multiple media outlets — has been warming hearts all over the Internet.

“She was so appreciative to see us,” Scott told the Huffington Post. “These people [in the neighborhood] weren’t even going to take her. They just were ignoring her.”

In subsequent social media videos, the affectionate dog, who they began appropriately calling Florence, can be seen giving the Mainers happy dog kisses and apparently relishing the opportunity to get up on a hotel bed or play with a toy.

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Another post shows a kitten the pair apparently found.

Florence — the storm — was a Category 1 hurricane when it made landfall Friday. By Monday evening, as many as 25 people had reportedly been killed in storm-related incidents, and half a million homes and businesses were still without power. According to CBS News, at least one economic consulting firm has estimated the storm may cause between $17 billion and $22 billion in damages, putting it among the costliest hurricanes in U.S. history.

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