French fries are prepared at Bolley's Famous Franks in Waterville in this CBS 13 image. Some local patrons are angry about the restaurant's decision to change from so-called crinkle-cut fries to straight cuts. Credit: CBS 13

A Waterville restaurant is getting a lot of angry responses after making a change to its menu.

As silly as it seems, Bolley’s Famous Franks in Waterville is getting a lot of angry feedback, including physical threats, just because they recently changed their french fries from crinkle to straight cut.

The owners of Bolley’s say that most customers have been supportive in the change, but some have yelled at them in the store, threatened to fight them and shouted inappropriate things in a public restaurant.

They say the change in fry cut was due to the costs of the blades needed to make a crinkle cut.

“The blades are extremely expensive,” co-owner Jim Parsons said. “We spent about $2,000 last year on blades. When you look at the profit margin on french fries and you take $2,000 out of that, it really hurts.”

The owners say they are small time business owners who give back small portions of the proceeds to various community organizations.

They say it’s ridiculous how heated people are getting over this issue and want to remind people that it’s just french fries.

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