October 17, 2018
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Monday, June 25, 2018: Hayes for governor, lobster caught in trade war, stand up Susan Collins

Hayes for governor

Terry Hayes is a personal friend of mine. I have known her for about 10 years after our meeting at a local airport during flying lessons. I am proud to support her candidacy for governor.

As a conservative, I admire Hayes’ dedication to fiscal responsibility. And while we might not agree on every issue, she is the type of person who recognizes a good idea, regardless of where it comes from.

One thing I don’t like about politics these days is that wealthy players are all looking out for their own interests only. The little guy gets lost. I have faith in Hayes because, as an independent, I feel she would do a better job representing the average Mainer than the other candidates running.

Please consider voting for her in November.

Clifford Dow

New Gloucester

Cashing in on immigrant detentions

After reading a recent report in The Daily Beast (“ Defense Contractors Cashing in on Immigrant Kids’ Detention”), I’m wondering how the legislators who voted to sell out the taxpayers of Maine to General Dynamics are feeling these days and how they sleep at night.

By continuing their cozy relationship with General Dynamics, they are now supporting a company that is adding millions more to its coffers by assisting the Office of Refugee Resettlement “process” undocumented children taken from their families by ICE. What a legacy.

Connie Jenkins


Lobster caught in trade war

The “trade war” between China and the United States has become a tremendous problem and threat to many industries that depend on exports for a big chunk of their revenues. I fully understand that because of abuses relating to unfair trade practices and theft of technologies vital not only to our economy, but first and foremost to our national security, the trade gauntlet needed to be thrown down.

Unfortunately, Maine has been sucked into this mess. European Union countries targeted in this trade war may also retaliate on Maine’s seafood exports. So where does that leave Maine’s noble lobster industry and the communities that depend on it to survive? Between this “trade war,” whale entanglement issues and a few other whoppers, in very dire straits. I don’t know about you, but aside from a few blurbs in the local news we’re not hearing much.

I know that organizations like the Maine Lobstermen’s Association, the Downeast Lobstermen’s Association and Maine lobstermen’s union are working diligently to protect our industry, but this should be an issue in the headlines more often. There’s nothing worse than being kept in the dark from updates addressing such a vital issue than for those who stand to lose their livelihoods. For those in the information loop, it’s everyday business because they are in the loop, but for the rest of the fishing community, it’s nail biting time.

These politicians and organizations I just mentioned, I’m sure, are proactive in trying to find solutions to help our industry make it through these troubling times, but we need to hear more about it.

John Nicolai


Stand up Collins

Sen. Margaret Chase Smith used the power of her Senate seat to stand up to bullies who used their public power to harm people’s lives, instead of working to improve all Americans’ lives. It’s odd that I need to remind Sen. Susan Collins that she actually has the same power today as Smith did back then to stand up to the bullies who seem intent on tearing apart our country for their own personal gain.

Collins can do more than writing letters scolding the administration — she has the power to work and vote directly with other senators to create and move legislation that curbs the egregious actions of the current administration in the areas of immigration, trade and human rights. Writing letters (or emails, etc.) is the only power I have. As our elected representative in a legislative body designed by the founders as a check on tyranny, Collins has the power to stop the senseless, to curb incompetence, and to call out the grift and self-dealing that appears rampant in this administration.

If Collins does not use the power we have given her to defend the weak and challenge corruption then she is just as complicit in those destructive acts as those who commit them. As Smith understood, bullies never stop until they are confronted.

Eric Rector



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