The ReEnergy biomass plant at Ashland's Machias River Industrial Park. ReEnergy is currently reviewing proposals from other companies to co-locate facilities at one or more of ReEnergy's four Maine plants. Credit: Anthony Brino

FORT FAIRFIELD, Maine — Aroostook County’s two biomass energy plants are facing a precarious future that could shake out this summer.

Depending on a range of factors, the ReEnergy biomass plants in Ashland and Fort Fairfield could shut down in September for an undetermined amount of time. But the company is hoping that some changes could buy the facilities time as they pursue potential “co-location” projects with business partners that could pave the way to longer-term financial sustainability.

One of four Maine biomass plants operated by New York-based ReEnergy, the Ashland and Fort Fairfield facilities have been particularly hit hard by low wholesale electricity prices, transmission fees and a decline in the value of renewable energy credits.

Last year, ReEnergy informed the operator of northern Maine’s power grid that the Ashland and Fort Fairfield plants could shut down in September if their revenue situation does not improve.

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