In an interview with CBS 13, Mark Stuart and his son, Derek, recall a deadly incident at Goodall Park in Sanford Friday night in which police say a local woman drove a car onto the baseball field and ultimately hit and killed a man. Credit: CBS 13

In the aftermath of what police described as a deadly incident in which a car drove through a local baseball game before hitting and killing a man, witnesses described a nightmarish scene of burning rubber, revving engine and the sounds of people screaming.

Carol Sharrow, 51, of Sanford, has been charged with manslaughter and being held on $500,000 cash bail while awaiting a mental health evaluation. She reportedly entered no plea during a Monday court appearance.

When the 2003 Honda Civic allegedly driven by Sharrow crashed through the Goodall Park gate to get away from the park, it hit 68-year-old Douglas Parkhurst, who later died on the way to the hospital, police said.

[Victim allegedly struck by car at Sanford ball field had confessed to killing girl in 1968 hit-and-run]

“The gentleman that’s deceased, him and I tried to lock the gate to keep the woman in [the park],” Mark Stuart, a local witness, told CBS 13. “When she came back around, I stepped out of the way. Somebody was yelling ‘Get out of the way, get out of the way’ to everybody. I stepped out of the way. The gentleman that got hit didn’t have anywhere to go. She hit him into the gate.”

Stuart had just dropped his son off to play in that night’s baseball game at the park where the incident occurred. He heard people start to scream and tell children to run.

“My coach told all the kids to get to the tennis court,” Stuart’s son, Derek, told CBS 13. “But I saw him try to close the gate.”

Another witness, Shelly Grummann, said in a social media post she was walking through the packed parking lot “when I heard the sound of a revving car,” the Journal Tribune newspaper reported.

“I saw the smoke from the tires and could smell the burning rubber,” she recalled, estimating there were about 200 people in the area, between the baseball game and a nearby playground. “I was just maybe 20 feet away.”

Justin Clifton told Portland NBC affiliate WCSH he was playing basketball nearby when he saw the incident occur.

“We can’t even have kids play baseball without someone getting hurt,” he told the television station. “You get very angry as well. You just have a lot of emotions when you see that.”

Sharrow’s attorney told reporters after her Monday court appearance he has “not seen anything about any substances being involved,” and that his client “has lived in the Sanford area for a number of years.”

If convicted, Sharrow reportedly faces up to 30 years in prison. The Sanford Little League said in a Facebook post that none of the children playing in the game were physically hurt in the incident.

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Seth Koenig

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