Golden is strongest candidate

Democrats are fortunate to have several strong candidates seeking the Democratic nomination in the 2nd Congressional District. I have chosen to support state Rep. Jared Golden from Lewiston, because I think he is the strongest candidate.

There are several reasons why. First, he has the best resume of those seeking the office. He understands the value of hard work, having worked at a young age at his family’s small business here in the 2nd District. He understands how hard it can be to make a living in this part of Maine, and he wants to ensure we have laws that support everyone getting ahead.

Second, his commitment to service is second to none. He left college after his first year to join the U.S. Marines, where he saw combat duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. I greatly admire his sense of duty and commitment to our country. We have way too many politicians making decisions about foreign wars who lack Jared’s perspective that comes from having served.

Finally, he understands the importance of working across the aisle to get things done. He listens effectively, and he thinks before he speaks. I admire his character. It is perhaps for these reasons that his peers in our Legislature elected him as one of their leaders. While he is a Democrat, if elected Golden would meet and listen with people of all points of view.

This is a terrific opportunity to nominate someone who would bring strong character and values, a history of service and an excellent work ethic to the job. I hope you will join me in supporting Golden’s candidacy on June 12.

Brad Coffey


Stand with Mills for governor

The list of those aspiring to the Blaine House this year is long, as Maine searches for its political soul after eight years of partisanship, tumult, and dysfunction in Augusta. Somehow amid the aging of our population, the globalization of the economy, and the revolution in information technologies, we in Maine may have lost our way.

A generation ago, Maine voters looked to experience, intelligence, industriousness, neighborliness, and good character in choosing our governors. Given the ominous challenges we face today – growing income inequality, a rural-urban divide, and climate change among these – it is time we returned to these enduring Maine values as our North Star going forward.

Of all the candidates in the governor’s race, Janet Mills represents the best of these values. In a long and distinguished career in public service to Maine, Mills has proven to be thoughtful, caring, hard-working, forthcoming, tough-minded, and resilient. We know where she stands. It is time now for Maine voters to stand with Mills for governor.

Richard Barringer


St. Clair stands out

The issue in the Democratic primary for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District is which candidate has the will, intelligence, integrity, and personal skills to best represent us in Washington. Who has the knowledge of our district’s people and who has the best ability to listen and respond to our needs and our desire for quality leadership in our district and in the broken environment in Washington?

While we are blessed this time around with three very good candidates in our primary, the one who stands out is Lucas St. Clair. He has real life experiences in his work life and as a superb organizer and negotiator who will serve us well. He knows how to work with diverse groups and how to pursue goals to constructive ends as he has shown us in his work on the creation of the Katahdin Wood and Water National Monument.

His vision and hard work have already produced healthy economic results for our district and the state of Maine. He is right on the broader issues such as expanding Medicare for all Americans, implementing national and international regulations and agreements to address climate change, and assuring a fair minimum wage for working people.

Having met and discussed with him these and many other local and national issues, we are convinced that St. Clair is the best we can have in Congress. We urge your vote for him on June 12.

Bob and Maurine Tobin


Vote Yes on Question 1

Some politicians in Augusta have tried every trick in the book to block ranked-choice

Voting, against the will of the people. Some misleading headlines have added to the problem. Let’s be clear. There is no question that ranked-choice voting is constitutional for both the primary

and federal elections as recently affirmed by the Maine Supreme Court.

The ballots are easy. Mainers will not be confused.

As to the three state-level general elections, last year some Augusta politicians blocked an attempt to extend ranked-choice voting to those elections (LD 1624). But life is never all or nothing, and we should never make the perfect the enemy of the good. It is great progress to be able to use ranked-choice voting for the other seven elections. And this will also pressure those obstructionist politicians to allow it to go forward for the rest and to stop blocking all of our referendums.

Please vote Yes on Question 1 to put more power in the hands of Maine voters and to protect the will of the people

John Wilson


Mason for governor

I am voting for Garrett Mason in the Republican Primary for governor on June 12. It was a pleasure serving with Senate Majority Leader Mason, where I personally witnessed his ability to make the tough decisions and never abandon his conservative principles.

Mason’s passion for public service shines through his work in the Legislature. Under his leadership, the Legislature was able to pass laws to reform our educational system to provide more parental control, lower income taxes for all Maine families and reduce the fraud and abuse in our welfare system.

I am voting for Mason on June 12 because I believe he is the only candidate that will be ready on Day 1 to continue moving our state forward.

Peter Edgecomb


Election notice

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