The website is photographed in Washington, Dec. 15, 2017. The cost for individual health insurance plans in Maine may see another double digit increase in the coming year. Credit: Jon Elswick | AP

PORTLAND, Maine — Analysts are expecting another double digit increase for individual insurance rates in Maine under the Affordable Care Act.

Lewiston-based Community Health Options and Massachusetts-based Harvard Pilgrim Health Care are the only insurers that continue to offer individual health insurance compliant with the Affordable Care Act. They’re facing a June 4 deadline for submitting their 2019 rate requests.

The Portland Press Herald reports Mainers who purchase individual insurance through the ACA marketplace have seen their premiums soar by as much as 110 percent since 2014.

The surging costs have priced some Mainers out of the market. The Maine Bureau of Insurance reports that nearly 76,700 Mainers had individual ACA coverage in the first quarter of this year, down 10 percent from 85,300 a year earlier.

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