Fort Kent Police Chief Tom Pelletier holds a small metal urn containing ashes in his hand. Someone found the urn on a shelf while shopping at the local Rite Aid store. Credit: Jessica Potila

FORT KENT, Maine — Family members who lost their Fort Kent home and almost all of their belongings to fire on Saturday were able to retain a precious part of their heritage due to an unlikely set of circumstances that occurred three days earlier, when a woman found a small urn on a shelf at a local store.

Sandy Tagget of Fort Kent was shopping at the town’s Rite Aid on Wednesday afternoon when she came across an ornate, silver-colored urn containing ashes on a shelf in the toy aisle.

At the suggestion of Rite Aid managers, Taggett brought the urn with the possibly human ashes to the Fort Kent police station. Police Chief Tom Pelletier posted a note on the department’s Facebook page in an effort to find the urn’s owner.

When Jayd Kelly of Fort Kent became aware of the post she realized that the urn most likely contained some of the ashes of her father, Steve Boucher, who passed away three years ago.

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