May 27, 2020
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Thursday, May 17, 2018: Poliquin’s votes hurt the poor, don’t cut Hampden bus service, Hills for House District 97

Poliquin’s votes hurt the poor

Rep. Bruce Poliquin and congressional Republicans are relentless in attacking the poor and vulnerable. The Republican farm bill would drastically reduce food access for 2 million of the neediest people in the country. His vote last May to dismantle the Affordable Care Act would have taken health care from millions of diabetics, cancer patients and people with addictions. His vote to tear down Dodd-Frank puts our economy at risk of collapse.

Poliquin’s actions take crumbs from the poor to give even more to the extremely wealthy.

The Trump tax cuts, by 2027, raise taxes on working families making under $93,000 per year (60 percent of income earners), while giving an average of $4,640 to the top 1 percent of income earners.

Individuals on SNAP get an average of $1.48 per meal. Republicans are using that money, taken from families, to give corporations, billionaires and millionaires like Poliquin cold hard cash.

Maine deserves better.

Gail M. Crowley


Trump not truthful

I was reading an article the other day on what the general public feels about our president’s ability to tell the truth. It seems that the general public no longer listens to what he has to say, as everything that comes out of his mouth is more than likely a lie. This observation can be added to his other obvious faults, a list that is too long to discuss here.

I find this lack in ability to convey the truth disturbing and even more important what it does to the credibility of what comes out of Washington. If the majority of voters thinks little of what the president has to say, then what must our allies be thinking.

Trump’s “base” must be living in a different world if they think that he cares about their well-being. He doesn’t, plain and simple. He is subverting the Constitution and enriching himself and a few who surround him.

This is a sad time for this country as we continue to blunder along under a president who has no idea what it is to govern in a fair manner. A person with no vision regarding the future and a self-centered mind shouldn’t be in the White House. He may think he is “great,” but when compared to past presidents, Trump is far from it.

Richard Barclay


Don’t cut Hampden bus service

The Hampden Town Council is thinking of cutting bus service again. In 2015, they eliminated Saturday public bus service, which goes to Bangor, and connects with Brewer, Veazie and Orono. At a public hearing then, Hampden residents who don’t have cars — who live in Hampden and can’t afford a car or have a disability that prevents them from driving — spoke of the impact cutting bus service would have on their lives. I still remember the eloquent testimony of a woman who was legally blind.

Cutting or eliminating, as some councilors are suggesting, bus service during the entire week will make it extremely difficult for Hampden residents who have minimum wage jobs in Bangor to get to work. It would also hurt students who need to get to classes in Bangor or Orono and older people with medical appointments.

The council will vote on the budget on June 18. Let councilors know how you feel between now and then. And vote on June 12 — there’s a vacant council seat to fill. You can meet Town Council candidates and ask them questions at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 24, at the Edythe Dyer Library.

Bill Lippincott


Hills for House District 97

After hearing Caitlin Hills speak and after reading her position paper, I will be voting for her on June 12 in the Democratic primary for House District 97. With a degree in law, she is well qualified to understand the process of state government and the implications of laws passed, including citizen initiatives, which she supports. She is also a good listener, willing to hear all sides of an issue. We need more people like that in state government.

Hills has many years’ experience as an environmental advocate, and if elected, she pledges to defend the natural resources of Maine, which she sees as essential to our economy and our quality of life. I respect her balanced approach.

As chairwoman for RSU 71 School Board, Hills understands the complexities of providing diverse, quality education for the area, and she includes vocational training as one option. Given the need for skilled workers, as well as good jobs for our young people, this idea could benefit the whole state.

At the same time, Hills acknowledges the financial burden of education for property owners, especially in fast-growing towns such as Belfast, and she is committed to making sure that the state pays its fair share of educational funding. For this and the above reasons, I am voting for Hills.

Joanne Boynton


Join climate caucus

I am a resident of Portland and the 1st Congressional District. Our U.S. representative, Chellie Pingree, a Democrat, wants to join the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus, but needs to team up with a Republican member of Congress in order to do so.

I am writing to urge all of my fellow Mainers in the 2nd Congressional District to write, email, or call Rep. Bruce Poliquin and urge him to join the Climate Solutions Caucus with Pingree.

Poliquin is currently a member of the Congressional Oceans Caucus, the Estuary Caucus and the International Conservation Caucus. The Climate Solutions Caucus is very much aligned with these other congressional caucuses, and it is much more oriented toward climate change action.

Please let Poliquin know of your urgent concern for climate change action, and ask him to join the Climate Solutions Caucus with Pingree. This would let Congress, and the nation, know that Mainers stand together for action on climate change.

Bob McKillop

Citizens’ Climate Lobby


Election notice

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