September 20, 2018
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Wednesday, May 9, 2018: Don’t text and drive, Eves for governor, Bangor traffic woes

Vote for Eves

June 12 is voting day, and we as voters have an important decision to make as to who will be our party’s nominee for governor. I always consider my vote very seriously, so I have done my research, attended debates and been to house parties to meet this distinguished group of individuals hoping to be our next governor. This was not an easy decision for me, but time is running short.

After careful thought I will be voting for Mark Eves. Eves is someone who listens. He leads with dignity and judgment, he asks smart questions, he cares about the families of Maine and he surrounds himself with people he can trust to guide him as he leads the state of Maine.

I had the opportunity to work with Eves while he was in the Legislature. He wants what is best for our communities, not what is best for a single party. I have watched him work on bipartisan legislation. He created many bills that had positive impacts on the health and well-being of our residents.

I want a leader who is one of us, not yelling at us. I want a leader who not only talks, but listens. I want a leader that leads with his head and his heart. I challenge all of you to get out and vote and to consider Eves as our next governor. I know he will lead us in bringing Maine back to the way life should be.

Pat Kimball


Poison berries

While walking in a cemetery near me, I noticed many small pebble-like white spheres on the ground. Upon closer look, I noticed these were “berries” from artificial flower arrangements in the cemetery; these “berries” are actually made out of foam. Birds and other species were picking these foam “berries” out of the artificial flower arrangements.

Please do not choose these arrangements in the future. They are poisonous, and birds and other species that frequent cemeteries and other “flowering” places can’t safely digest them.

Jackie Freitas


Dodge for House

Jan Dodge is the right choice for our Belfast/Waldo/Northport representative.

I have known her for 10 years, through Waldo County TRIAD, which helps keeps senior citizens safe. All will tell you how vibrant and well organized she is, her humor makes the work easier for us all.

Dodge already knows the issues. An experienced leader, Dodge, born and raised in Belfast, lives a life of service: on the Maine Education Association Government Relations Committee, Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce cruise ship greeter, Aging Well in Waldo County, president of Retired Educators of Waldo County.

Dodge worked to pass the education funding referendum in 2016. Funding the law was tough, testifying before the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee. She has been advocating for students in Augusta many years. She knows many lawmakers well. Working the hallways of the Legislature, she was clearly experienced and skillful.

Once voters meet Dodge and talk with her, they will want to help her get elected. You can read more about her, her platform, and her schedule here:

The more I get to know Dodge, the more I realize we need her as our legislator for House District 97. Registered Democrats should be voting on June 12 for a winner: Jan Dodge.

Paul Sheridan


A driving free for all

Driving in Bangor, especially around the mall area is like going through a land mine field. I don’t know where to go. There are no traffic lines on the roads. This has been like that for a while.

Does the city of Bangor not have money in its budget? It feels like driving in a free for all.

Wanda Chaisson


Isgro should have behaved better

Matthew Gagnon gets is very wrong in April 11 column about the Laura Ingraham/David Hogg/Nick Isgro spat. First, he asserts that it was “an angry mob” of activist bullies that cost Isgro his job at Skowhegan Savings Bank. Holy buck passing, Batman. Isgro cost himself a job when he gleefully gloated about this child 1,500 miles away, not getting into a particular college.

Gagnon writes, “This is obviously something Isgro shouldn’t have done. He should have known better. We should all, as leaders, be holding ourselves to a much higher standard than we all are right now, and no matter what his transgressions were, no one should really be telling him to ‘eat it.’”

Right. Isgro is a leader, and what the board of the bank likely did was to hold him to a higher standard.

Gagnon then decries Hogg’s “public immunity to criticism.” Hogg just turned 18. He is a child, and one that, just weeks ago, was trapped in his school while a crazed gunman mowed down his friends and classmates. Children say stupid things, and are prone to petulance.

Saying that Sen. Marco Rubio “puts a price tag on children’s lives” is petulant. Given his experience and his youth, it should be easy for an adult to excuse this petulance, and not respond to it on their cable news show or as mayor on his Twitter feed. The fact that Ingraham and Isgro both failed to be the grown-up in the room is absolutely appropriate grounds for her losing sponsors and him losing his job.

Shaun Riggs


Hang up and drive

Spring has sprung and summer is upon us. As such, drivers no longer face winter weather driving conditions, but must now share the road with motorcyclists, bicyclists, runners, walkers and children playing on residential streets. This is a friendly reminder to attend to the road and those that are more vulnerable.

Statistics collected by the Governors Highway Safety Association show that pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities have increased in recent years. This is attributed to speed, alcohol and distraction.

I would like to encourage you to put down your phone. Avoid using your cell phone for texting and web searches and to limit phone use to hands free mode. I would also remind you to practice safe driving habits and especially to avoid alcohol when driving.

Lorry Sheasgreen



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