The Wiscasset Board of Selectmen voted to dismiss the town’s lawsuit against the Maine Department of Transportation without prejudice during its Tuesday meeting.

The selectmen had a full house and a full agenda for their meeting, with standing room only in the meeting room at the municipal building.

Selectman Benjamin Rines Jr. made the motion to dismiss the lawsuit against the Transportation Department without prejudice.

Selectman Katharine Martin-Savage suggested that the board wait until the town receives a decision from the Maine Business and Consumer Court regarding the town’s motion for a preliminary injunction that would require the department to abide by the town’s historic preservation ordinance before it moves forward with the Option 2 traffic project.

Rines said the voters made it very clear in their vote April 17 that they did not want the town to continue with the lawsuit.

Selectman Robert Blagden asked what the process would be to dismiss the lawsuit.

Board Chair Judy Colby read an email from one of the town’s attorneys, John Shumadine, outlining the process.

During discussion of the motion, two members of the public expressed their opinions.

Former Selectman David Cherry said the voters were clear on what they wanted and the board should vote to dismiss the suit.

Wiscasset resident William Maloney agreed with Martin-Savage that the board should wait until the decision from the court comes down.

After a brief discussion, the selectmen voted 4-1 in favor of the motion to dismiss without prejudice. Martin-Savage voted in opposition.

Rines suggested that once the lawsuit has been dismissed, the selectmen should request a meeting with Gov. Paul LePage. The selectmen had requested a meeting with the governor earlier, but were denied due to the pending lawsuit.

The selectmen agreed to Rines’ suggestion.

Colby said a meeting with the governor would give the town an opportunity to let the governor know how residents feel about the Transportation Department’s plans.

Town Manager Marian Anderson asked the selectmen whether the town should revive the public advisory committee meetings with the department in an effort to keep lines of communication open. The selectmen agreed.

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