“I wish I had known.”

Have you ever found yourself uttering those words? I have.

I suspect that my story is similar to many other people. Several years ago, my grandfather passed away unexpectedly. After the shock wore off, the “now what?” moment occurred. My grandfather was physically strong. He took care of my grandmother in many simple but critical ways. He was the ”helping hands.” He buttoned buttons, tied shoes, opened jars, chopped vegetables, and so much more. He was her husband, her friend, and her partner.

My grandmother had very little use of her hands. Simple tasks that we all take for granted were impossible. One thing was clear after the dust settled: my grandmother could not live alone. What a blow—my grandmother was an independent woman. Smart, full of hopes and dreams, a lover of life and of her home.

She had a difficult choice to make. She could have had her kind, generous daughters care for her, but she said no. She was the mother, and it was important to her that she stay that way. She felt like she had one option—to leave. She moved into a nearby assisted living facility and did her best to look on the bright side. She wasn’t unhappy there; she just wasn’t home.

At that time, I did not own Visiting Angels. I had never even heard of “homecare.” None of us had. In order to make a true choice, you have to know what your choices are. Homecare for my grandmother never made it on the list. A few months after my grandmother left her home, we said our final goodbye. Her life was in no way shortened by her move to a facility, but her life did not end at home where she wanted to be.

A couple of years later, I was looking for opportunities to further my career as a registered nurse and capture my entrepreneurial spirit. I heard a commercial for Visiting Angels, and it all came together. An opportunity to serve a generation that had served me my entire life. An opportunity to offer not only a choice for people and their families caught between difficult and impossible but a solution. Through Visiting Angels, I’m able to offer what my grandmother had been looking for—an extra set of hands; someone to make the impossible possible; safe, reliable, compassionate care at the place you call home. It is with the utmost respect, dignity and compassion that I welcome the opportunity to offer the power of choice.

Visiting Angels provides reliable in-home care services to seniors throughout the area. For more information, visit visitingangels.com/bangor or call 207-573-1861.