A swastika and hate speech was left on a campground sign in Naples.

Vandals left graffiti in two spots alongside Kansas Road in Naples. The graffiti was spray painted sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, according to reports.

The Lake Region school superintendent said it was mostly profanity left on the dugout, but less than a half-mile away, the graffiti on a campground sign included a swastika and racial slurs.

The campground has since boarded over the graffiti on their brand new sign.

There are reports of similar graffiti in Otisfield, Harrison and Bridgton, but Bridgton police say they can’t be sure that it happened on the same night.

Lake Region Superintendent Al Smith says what troubles him most is that he believes teens are likely responsible.

“It’s unfortunate that some kids feel that they can just vandalize stuff and write words of profanity,” Smith said. “And do it in such a way that obviously gets noticed.”

If you have any information as to who might have done this, you’re asked to call the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

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