June 20, 2018
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Monday, Feb. 12, 2018: America like an amusement park, evangelicals and Medicaid, Pruitt a threat to environment


America like an amusement park

It might help people to think of the United States as an amusement park. People who work at the park try to sustain it as a viable entity to provide a living for themselves and their families. They have rules about who can come into the park and what they are allowed to do while they are there. They have a wall around the park so they can manage the entry and exit of guests.

Some people might crawl over the wall or tunnel under it, but it does a reasonably good job of dissuading most from illegal entry. They check at the front gate to make sure people have a proper ticket to enter the park, and they deny entry to those who haven’t obtained a valid ticket. They eject people who are breaking the rules or who they find have climbed the fence or slept in the park overnight.

We don’t find anything unreasonable or cruel about this. In fact, we all understand how necessary it is to sustain the business, to provide a living for the employees, as well as a place that people want to visit. If an amusement park can see the logic in controlling who comes in, how long people stay and what they do, why can’t our politicians see the same logic applied to our lovely country?

Norman Hansen


Evangelicals and Medicaid

There is one group of Republicans I would really like to hear speak out about the Medicaid expansion. They comprise over a third of the Republican Party, according to Religion Research Institute. They are the evangelical Christian right, and they are the neck that turns the head of the Republican Party. Where are they on Medicaid expansion? They have enough clout to push the expansion and universal health care into existence in our country.

Many times, Jesus told us to care for one another. He said: “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” He never turned anyone away who asked to be healed. He even suffered and died for all of us. So why then do Christian Republicans go along with the idea that the Medicaid expansion that helps the poor is too expensive?

In a democracy, taxation of wealth is a right and a responsibility, just as the ability to discharge debts in bankruptcy and start over is a right. The poor and suffering people of our state asked for our help, and 59 percent of our compassionate voters passed a referendum to do exactly what Jesus told us we should do.

I wish the evangelical Christian Republicans would stand with us.

Curtis Fordyce

South Portland

Pruitt a threat to environment

Even broken clocks are right twice a day, and that was the case when Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt called Donald Trump a threat to our Constitution in 2016 on two different occasions. But he threw that away when he joined the Trump administration and now claims his attacks on public health and the environment are adherent to the rule of law. This shows that the only principles Pruitt care about are ones that advance his agenda and bottom line.

Since his first day in Trump’s Cabinet, Pruitt has slashed environmental safeguards with gusto. He’s shown time and time again that he’s not loyal to the people but to the dirty energy interests that have funded his ambitions and dictated his policy. Although, in two interviews in 2016, Pruitt said then-candidate Trump would be “abusive to the Constitution” with unilateral overreach and called him an “empty vessel” on the rule of law. But now he’s the one carrying out the attacks on our environment and health. He’s the abuser.

Pruitt is also under three different investigations for misusing taxpayer money. He recently complained we oppose his agenda because we don’t know him. What we know is unethical behavior (such as installing a $25,000 secrecy booth in his office) and that he is working to advance his own career at the expense of our health and the environment.

Ryan Kittle



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