ALLAGASH, Maine — A nimble and resourceful deer who caught sight of some cedar boughs hanging from a tree at an Allagash residence jumped on a shed roof to get to snacking.

Brian Kelly, 45, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer in Fort Kent photographed the bizarre scene on Feb. 1 while visiting relatives at his cousin Pike Kelly’s home in Allagash.

Kelly said he first spotted the deer jumping from the shed roof when he and Pike Kelly’s son, Randy Kelly, came out into the yard from a garage on the premises.

“When we came out of the garage we saw the deer jump off the roof and I was so disappointed I couldn’t get my phone out quick enough to get a picture,” Kelly said. “I knew no one would believe us if we told people we saw a deer on top of the shed roof.”

Randy Kelly, a logger for Triple M Trucking who lives next door to his father’s residence confirmed the story on Tuesday via cell phone while parked next to the St. Francis River waiting for his truck to be loaded.

“It was up on the roof eating off a cedar tree but it took off when we came out (of the garage),” Randy Kelly said. “We went inside my parents’ place and the deer jumped back on there and started eating on the tree again.”

This time Brian Kelly was prepared, and he walked slowly toward the shed armed with his cell phone, and snapped a few photos of the deer.

The snowbank next to his father’s shed was rather high up, but the deer still had quite a ways to jump, Randy Kelly said.

“The frozen snowbank gave (the deer) an opportunity to get up on there, but I never would have dreamed it would have jumped up on the roof,” he said.

Randy Kelly said there are plenty of deer to be seen in Allagash, and he even feeds oats to local deer himself, but he has never seen a deer on a roof.

“First time for that,” he said.

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