December 14, 2018
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Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018: America never stopped being great, stop abortion, the GOP’s moral collapse

Stop abortion

It is well known that Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony were pioneers in the women’s suffrage movement in this country. Anthony had no children, but Stanton had seven.

They both affirmed and cherished the value of motherhood and would never have dreamed of the turn that the women’s movement has taken today that pits mother against child. Stanton referred to abortion as infanticide and wrote, “when we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit.”

Women need to continue the fight to affirm their place and their voice in marriage, the family, the workplace and the world, but not apart from motherhood. Motherhood is an integral part of being a woman, and it needs to be affirmed, not pitted “woman against child” but rather “woman with child.”

The so-called women’s movement has taken an ugly turn. Women have sold their children and their bodies to commerce. This has resulted in a great divide in our country politically, and worse, it has resulted in untold suffering by women who have made the poor choice to destroy the very life within them.

This has got to stop. Like Henny Penny, we must turn back and find a better way, before the wolf devours us. It is destroying our country. The barbarous practice of abortion has got to stop.

Jean Barry

America never stopped being great

In the Jan. 29 Bangor Daily News, there was a story, above the fold, “Trump to make case America is back.” America never went away. What is back is the hatred, the bigotry, the division and the lack of education between his supporters and the rest of the country.

What we need back is a sense of decency, peace and hope that has been nearly wiped from the face of our once great country. #MAGA? It never stopped being great; it just stopped being civil.

Robert Finlay

The GOP’s moral collapse

President Donald Trump’s relationship to Russian leaders has been nothing less than extraordinary. His fawning admiration for Vladimir Putin, his extensive financial dealings with Russian oligarchs, his public call for Russian hackers to find Hillary Clinton emails, and his repeated unmonitored discussions with Russian leaders are unprecedented in American political life and extremely worrisome.

A thorough investigation of possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is essential. It is not a partisan issue but a national security issue.

It has been no surprise that Trump has sought to subvert any effective investigation by creating a real “witch hunt,” attacking the investigators personally and their motives, materials and methods. What has been alarming is the decision by many House Republicans to join him in his effort to obstruct justice by attacking the individuals and agencies carrying out the investigations.

It is now apparent that many House Republicans have chosen to place personal and party interests above the nation’s interests. Congressional Republicans sitting silent on the sidelines are complicit not only with this treasonous activity, but with the complete moral collapse of the national Republican Party.

Stephen McKay

Support universal homecare

I was born in Milford, 93 years ago. I’m old enough to remember when the stock market crashed. I was part of a generation that fought Nazis and rebuilt New England after the Great Depression. My husband fought in the Pacific during World War II, and I raised eight kids here in Maine and New Hampshire, wherever Uncle Sam sent us.

Today, we are a generation as vulnerable as we were when the stock market crashed, and like our generation has always done, we’re creating a New Deal. President Franklin Roosevelt created Social Security to ensure that our parents and grandparents didn’t have to live and die in poverty.

This year, Mainers will vote on a referendum to make millionaires start paying their fair share, to create a new social safety net for the elderly and disabled. Universal homecare will allow Maine’s seniors the ability to age at home and allow our caregivers to make a living. It ensures that all Mainers can have the economic security that the super wealthy do.

I am one of the lucky few who receives homecare services today, but low wages for workers, inadequate funding and a lack of accountability make this vital service less effective. The homecare referendum will ensure that more people can access these services and that they also work better and are more accountable to the needs of agencies, workers and consumers.

I urge a “yes” vote on homecare this November.

Lillian Anderson

Oil drilling will spoil Maine’s beauty

Gov. Paul LePage wants to block wind farm development because he thinks “they’ll ruin the view,” and yet he believes that offshore oil drilling rigs won’t? Wind farms are viable, clean and a cost-effective means of producing electricity without pollution. Offshore oil drilling platforms can and have had spills, which pollute the water and kills a lot of the native creatures.

Putting offshore oil drilling platforms off our coast will spoil the beauty of Maine. LePage either has stock in the oil industry or he doesn’t actually care about Maine.

Dianne Marie

Hayes for governor

I’m disheartened and frankly disgusted by the current political climate that seems to have a general culture of kill or be killed. The candidates and later legislators spend more time scheming to keep power and throw the other guys under the bus than they do helping or even listening to their constituents back home — on a local level as well as here in Maine.

That’s why I’m voting for Terry Hayes, independent for governor. Hayes will represent a welcome respite from the party politics and in-fighting. As a mediator, I understand the value of working together toward a common goal to move forward. I know that Hayes, my former business partner, understands this as well and will do all she can to bring our divided state back together.

I encourage anyone who would like to see an improvement in Augusta and in Maine to vote for Hayes for governor.

Tracy Quadro Arietti

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