By Mark Paulette,

The 60th Annual Grammy’s Awards aired last night and gave us a sad preview of what Sundays without football will once again look like after Super Bowl 52. (No, I did not count the Pro Bowl as football yesterday, because the game shouldn’t be played.)

But instead of harping on the doom and gloom of football-less Sundays, I decided to have fun with what the day gave us, and so I concocted a list of Grammy nominees and gave their real backstories vs. a made up one straight from the darkest depths of my mind. All Jeff had to do was chose which backstory was true. He had a 50/50 chance, one greater than the Eagles have this Sunday of defeating the mighty Patriots.  And like the Eagles shall due on February 4th, he failed miserably.

I’m sorry, that’s probably doing Philly a disservice…

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