Members of the Katahdin Trust bowling team participated in the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maine Bowl-A-Thon at the Bangor-Brewer Bowling Lanes recently. Photo courtesy Katahdin Trust. Credit: Osborne Media

For 100 years, Katahdin Trust Company has provided a broad range of financial services to the people of Maine and prides itself on a longstanding commitment to give back to the communities it serves. “Community Banking At Its Best!” is not just their slogan. It’s a way of doing business, a mindset, and a promise to each person who walks through the door.

“We’ve never lost sight of our founders’ original vision, which was to be responsive to the financial needs of our communities while providing comprehensive solutions and impeccable service,” said Jon Prescott, Katahdin Trust’s president & CEO since 1997. “It’s really thanks to our customers, employees, and communities that we’re celebrating a century of community banking at its best. We’ve come a long way together.”

As the 19th century rolled into the 20th, business leaders across the nation began opening independent, community banks to meet the financial needs of families and business owners largely ignored by big-city banks. In northern Maine, Katahdin Trust was such a bank. It opened its doors in Patten on March 7, 1918.

Today, Katahdin Trust is proud to celebrate 100 years of service to its many generations of customers with 16 branch locations throughout the state. And while the bank’s founders wouldn’t recognize today’s modern banking methods and technologies, they would appreciate the commitment to personal service afforded by Katahdin Trust employees.

Katahdin Trust has a strong reputation as a leader in supporting community-based events and programming. Partnerships with non-profit organizations go beyond the bank’s radio advertising efforts and is lived out in the hours of service given by its employees. In 2017, 174 Katahdin Trust employees volunteered more than 7,500 hours to hundreds of local organizations across Maine.

Customer service, employee engagement, and commitment to community are the hallmarks of Katahdin Trust and its 100 year history. “Our work is so much more than opening accounts or making loans,” said Annette Beaton, vice president, Houlton branch manager and retail services officer. “We help people purchase their first home, start a business, or help them through difficult times. The relationships we have with our customers, our co-workers, and our communities are precious. We don’t take any of it for granted.”

“We haven’t forgotten who built this bank – fiercely independent people and families who needed a financial partner they could count on to be there for them,” said Bill Lucy, senior vice president, commercial services. “That’s as true today as ever. Those roots run deep and show that we’re in this for the long haul. Here’s to the next 100 years!”

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