Defense attorneys for a 24-year-old woman accused of stabbing a Belmont man to death last year want to prevent prosecutors from mentioning past instances in which she allegedly stabbed someone when she goes on trial for manslaughter in April.

Victoria Scott of Rockport was arrested in May 2017, three months after 43-year-old Edwin Littlefield was found dead outside a friend’s home on Kendall Corner Road in Waldo. Police interviewed several people who were at the home, but haven’t revealed any further details.

Scott’s attorney, Steven Peterson, has filed a motion that would prevent prosecutors from bringing up past stabbing allegations involving Scott, citing at least two incidents that the state has been investigating.

According to Peterson’s motion, the first incident allegedly happened four or five years ago, while Scott and her sister were arguing. Scott’s sister’s boyfriend intervened and at some point allegedly grabbed Scott by the neck and pushed her against a wall or fridge. While he held her there, Scott allegedly stabbed him under his shoulder, prompting him to let her go. That incident wasn’t reported to police, and no charges were ever filed.

About a year before Littlefield’s death, Peterson said rumors circulated in Waldo County that Scott allegedly stabbed an ex-boyfriend who had been unfaithful. That ex-boyfriend didn’t cooperate with prosecutors or the defense, both of whom attempted to interview him at a federal prison where he’s currently in custody, according to the court filing. Again, the alleged incident was never reported and Scott was never charged.

Peterson argues that neither alleged incident should be mentioned during the trial because the accounts are “stale” or vague and don’t prove motive, opportunity, intent or planning in the case that jurors will decide.

The judge assigned to the case, Superior Court Justice Robert Murray, has yet to rule on Peterson’s motion.

Little information has been released about the police investigation or Littlefield’s death, including how or whether Littlefield and Scott knew each other. No police affidavit detailing the investigation was filed before a grand jury indicted Scott for manslaughter last May. The indictment alleges she used a knife “recklessly or with criminal negligence” to cause Littlefield’s death.

Assistant Attorney General Donald Macomber declined Thursday to answer questions related to the investigation or upcoming trial.

The defense has hinted that it will argue Scott was acting in self defense.

Jury selection is scheduled for April 3, with a weeklong trial expected to start April 23.

Scott remains out on bail while she awaits trial. Earlier bail conditions allowed her to travel to Massachusetts for work, but those conditions were rescinded after she tested positive for an unprescribed opioid, according to court records.

She was arrested for that bail violation and released on bail again, this time under the condition that she not leave the county and wear a court-monitored GPS tracking device.

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