A student dormitory building, Zimmerman Hall, is seen on the Dartmouth College campus in New Hampshire. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

A former Dartmouth College student has sued the school, saying he was unfairly expelled after a female student filed a physical assault complaint against him.

“John Doe” says in the New Hampshire federal lawsuit that Dartmouth’s investigation was biased.

It says the woman’s complaint was filed in 2016 after what she described as a consensual sexual encounter. Doe says he was incapacitated by alcohol and unable to consent; he accused her of physical and sexual assault.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff woke up one night to find the female student in his bed, where she told him they had had a “rough” sexual encounter the night before. The plaintiff claims in his court filing that he did not remember the encounter, because he had been incapacitated by alcohol, but that later in the morning, he found “bruises and scratches on his arms and back, that his nipple was bleeding, and that he was experiencing extreme pain in his genitalia.”

The female student had previously told the plaintiff that she was interested in sadomasochism, according to the lawsuit.

A committee found the woman wasn’t responsible for any violations, but Doe showed behavior causing or threatening physical harm. He faced “immediate separation” in March.

Doe asks for a reversal of the decision and to be reinstated.

The Dartmouth reports a college spokeswoman declined to comment, citing the ongoing litigation.

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