Ellsworth police issued summonses to four teens for allegedly infusing a handful of Jolly Ranchers with marijuana and bringing them to school.

Adam Bradshaw, 19, of Ellsworth, was issued a summons Sunday for aggravated traffic in Schedule Z drugs.

Bradshaw, who bought his marijuana legally from a dispenser, allegedly sold the marijuana-laced candies to three other teens and Ellsworth High School students who brought them to school. The minors, all male, received summonses on the same charge, Ellsworth Police Chief Glenn Moshier said Tuesday.

Moshier called the incident “quite disheartening.”

“To set them [marijuana-laced candy] on a table next to other Jolly Rancher candies you would have no way of telling which was which,” Moshier said Tuesday.

One student allegedly ate an infused candy but didn’t appear to be adversely affected by it. The suspects were lucky that no one was poisoned or apparently had a candy without knowing what was in it, Moshier said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in marijuana has been linked to a variety of health issues, especially with edibles that may deliver very high levels of THC to users that can be poisonous or lead to serious injury.

Edible marijuana can be many times more powerful that smoked pot. Its impacts can include short- and long-term memory loss, testicular cancer, increased blood pressure, heart rate and risk of psychosis, according to the CDC.

Police and school officials became aware of the laced candies when a student informed them that the candies were in school. The students were suspended, Moshier said.

“I think this is a snapshot of what’s to come when you get the legalization of marijuana and these edibles,” Moshier said Tuesday. “It’s only common sense that they will fall into our hands of our youth, and when you are dealing with these products, it’s virtually impossible to tell what’s marijuana-infused and what is just right off the shelf.”

Bradshaw is due in Hancock County Superior Court on Feb. 20. The others are due in court on March 9, Moshier said.

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