An investigation into allegations of inappropriate contact between a Medomak Valley High School volunteer coach and a student found no evidence of criminal offenses, police said.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office investigation is the second in recent months that looked into allegations of inappropriate contact with students at Medomak Valley High School in Waldoboro. Neither investigation yielded criminal charges.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office opened the investigation on Nov. 21 when deputies were notified by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office of a possible offense that had occured in Lincoln County. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office was investigating allegations made against a separate individual, who was a Medomak Valley High School staff member.

In a news release last week, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Michael J. Murphy said that “after conducting numerous interviews, no evidence of any criminal offense was disclosed.”

Earlier this month, Medomak Valley High School Principal Andrew Cavanaugh resigned following his unexplained absence from the school. The Regional School Unit 40 Board of Directors had scheduled a dismissal hearing, though ultimately did not have to follow through with hearing because of Cavanaugh’s resignation.

Throughout Cavanaugh’s absence, and the recent investigations, RSU 40 Superintendent Steve Nolan said he could not comment on personnel matters.

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