Katahdin Trust employees stop by to congratulate the Brewer Little League on their new scoreboard. From left: Ed Vanidestine, vice president, Brewer Little League; Grady Vanidestine, Brewer Little League; Michael McAfee, Brewer Little League; Eunice McAfee, Katahdin Trust customer service representative; and Danelle Weston, Katahdin Trust regional vice president. Credit: Contributed photo.

When we think spring, we think baseball. And for the Brewer Little League, this coming spring’s games on the home field will be lit up on the new scoreboard courtesy of Katahdin Trust.

“As renovations to the league’s home field were winding down, our goal for 2017 was to secure a sponsor who would complete the renovation with a new scoreboard,” said Ed Vanidestine, vice president for Brewer Little League. So the search began as to how to make this renovation, which began in 2016, complete.

League volunteer Laurie Cates, also an advertising representative with the Bangor Daily News, put the feelers out. The response from Katahdin Trust was one of enthusiasm about the pending proposal regarding the project.

Once the league put together its request with details required for the bank’s review, Katahdin Trust got to work assessing the community needs.

“In the case of the Brewer Little League scoreboard, we have customers and employees who live in that community and whose families benefit from the Little League program,” said Katahdin Trust regional vice president Danelle Weston. Such requests are carefully reviewed and go through the appropriate approval channels before any commitment can be made. “Many variables factor into the cost of a scoreboard such as its size, location and more.”

“Katahdin Trust is very proud to work with Little League and other youth programs in our service region that encourage teamwork, healthy habits, outside play and more,” said Weston. “We know it will benefit hundreds of families for years to come including, our own customers and employees who live in Brewer, many of whom volunteer their time to coach, transport, and support programs like the Little League.”

The league leaders did not stop with one score board, though. Quality Jewelers and Season’s Restaurant came onboard for the second scoreboard for the other Little League field. The city secured a grant for the major renovation project and the recreation department paid to have both scoreboards installed and wired.

“People have worked really hard on this project, and community members are very proud of the new fields,” said Vanidestine.

For many, the season can’t some soon enough because the score boards went up late in the summer, so only a few kids have seen them. “I expect they will be very excited come spring to see the scores lit up,” said Vanidestine.  

The feedback the league continually got from parents was about the lack of a scoreboard, he said. “I think the parents will be as, or more, excited about the scoreboard. It’s been the one thing that has been missing from our fields for several years.”

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