On Tuesday, we announced that we’ll be introducing digital subscription this week. We have heard from a number of you. Thank you for your questions.

Q: If I am a digital subscriber, will I see fewer popup ads and Google surveys?

A: (Updated 2/13/18) Yes. Online subscribers will see fewer ads than other online readers.

Q: May more than one person share a login?

A: You may share your login with others in your household just as you would share a newspaper.

Q: (Added 2/13/18) How do I sign in?

A: The sign in button at the top of every page will now sign you in to the paymeter for digital access. Once signed in, you’ll see a link to “Subscriber Center” underneath “My Account” as well as on the Customer Service page. From the Subscriber Center, you can manage payments or other account details of any BDN subscription by clicking on “Manage Subscription.” This takes you to a separate login.

Q: Will comments pages be outside the paywall?

A: Comments pages will be treated just like other article pages. That is, they will be restricted or open based on their topic’s category.

Q: If an article is shared on Facebook or Twitter, will folks without a subscription be able to read it?

A: Because everyone will be able to see at least five pages every 30 days, most of your followers on social media will be able to read a BDN story you’ve posted. If your followers are among our most loyal readers, they may be asked to register or subscribe–if they haven’t already.

Q: Will teachers have to pay to use the bangordailynews.com in their classrooms?

A: We will exempt all Maine K-12 schools from having to pay to access Bangor Daily News content online. We are working with the Maine Principals Association to put this in place.

Q: How do print subscribers activate digital access?

A: (Updated 2/2/18) Go to our Subscriber Center. Hit “Connect digital.”

Q: I am a seasonal BDN newspaper subscriber. How will the paywall affect me?

A: If you place a vacation stop on home delivery, you will continue to receive digital access during your vacation stop at no additional charge for three weeks. If you are a seasonal subscriber and plan to be away for more than three weeks, just call our Circulation department at 207-990-8040 to switch your plan to Digital All Access.

Q: Will there be a senior discount?

A: We’re keeping our digital price as low as possible for everyone, so there will not be a senior discount.

Q: I already have a digital subscription (E-edition) and I am paying $9.09. Can I switch to the $7.99 pricing?

A: Yes, you certainly may. Just give us a call to switch subscriptions.

Q: I already get the e-edition, and I thought that was called a digital subscription. What’s the difference?

A: In the past, we did call the e-edition a “digital subscription.” Now we’re using that phrase to mean a subscription to all of the BDN’s online content. That includes the e-edition (the digital replica of the printed paper).

Q: (Added 2/2/18) What if I have trouble signing up or have questions about my subscription?

A: Contact us on live chat. That’s the green bubble on the right side of the customer service and subscription pages. During business hours, someone in the Bangor office will be happy to help you right away. After hours, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Joellen Easton is the BDN’s audience products manager.