Arundel Town Office. Credit: Photo courtesy town of Arundel

The Arundel Board of Selectmen this week heard from a resident who is trying to open a business in town, but claims she is facing progressive roadblocks from the Planning Board in her application.

“I’ve been trying to comply with the Planning Board but they keep throwing more and more at me,” said Kristin Woodward, who is licensed to operate Rontu’s Run Dog Daycare, but hasn’t received board approval yet.

“It just seems unreasonable,” she told selectmen at their Monday meeting.

Woodward has passed a state inspection, received her license to operate the business and has submitted a site plan to the Planning Board, who has recently told her she now needs to become licensed as a dog trainer and repair the driveway on her property before her application will be approved.

Woodward currently operates a horse riding stable at her 496 Irving Road property and has submitted letters to the Planning Board from her clients of that business that her driveway does not present a problem.

Woodward came to the Board of Selectmen on Monday to let them know she will be submitting a petition to change town land use ordinances that are guiding the Planning Board’s actions. She currently has 78 signatures on the petition and needs 23 more to meet the requirement of more than 100 in order to force a special town meeting on the issue.

According to Town Manager Keith Trefethen, once Woodward submits a petition with the required number of signatures to the Board of Selectmen, the town must hold a special town meeting within 60 days on the question.

In the meantime, Trefethen said he will discuss the issue with the Planning Board to try to clear up any miscommunication.

“I think it’s important that an applicant gets all the information they need before they come to the Planning Board so they don’t have to keep going back to them,” he said. “I’m not sure what to do, but I will continue to work on it and talk to the powers that be.”

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