This 6,000-square-foot cedar log cabin is situated on 173 acres in Brownfield, and is going up for auction with no reserve on Nov. 3. It was once listed for $2.7 million. Credit: Photo courtesy of Concierge Auctions

The builder of a 6,000-square-foot log cabin in the Maine woods said he and his family still often opted to camp outside on the grounds.

That’s because, with 173 acres and a river running through it, the Brownfield property is something of a Maine forest playland that stretched far outside the luxurious lodge at the center.

And now, the entire expanse, once on the market for $2.7 million, is going up for auction without a reserve.

Owner Sean Donlon said he bought the former 1845 farm property in 2004 and his family built the massive cedar log cabin, which ended up with four bedrooms and seven bathrooms, the old fashioned way.

“Some of our family’s fondest memories are those many months when we lived in the ‘bunkhouse,’ which is now the horse barn,” he said in response to a series of questions from the Bangor Daily News. “We lived meagerly, utilizing a wood burning stove and lanterns during the development of the home, which took a couple of years. We played ping pong at night after long work days – we got up with the light, went to work on the property and retreated back to the bunkhouse at night.”

Donlon described vacations at the property riding around the acreage on ATVs, snowmobiles and horses.

“We laugh about the times when we startled the occasional canoe or kayak passerby while we rode on the backs of our horses in the river,” he said. “Even with the luxury of our expansive log home, we continued to camp along the river and enjoy the land, the wildlife and its incredible beauty.”

That’s the Saco River, and the home is listed at 283 Wakefield Road — the road is named for the 19th century farmer who tilled the soil there and whose home foundation is still visible 100 yards away from the elaborate lodge.

“We are selling our property because our children are grown, tending to their own careers and families living in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for them to spend much time at the property, utilizing it less and less as time goes by,” Donlon said. “Sad as it is for the whole family, we look forward to another family having the same enthusiasm for the estate as we have. We hope another family will enjoy the recreational benefits of the property, or, if a commercial entity purchases the property, we hope that their intent is to offer outdoor recreational options to visitors or clients.”

The auction will be held on Nov. 3 through Concierge Auctions with the cooperation of broker Rita Bailey of F.O. Bailey Real Estate. Click here for more information.

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Seth Koenig

Seth has nearly a decade of professional journalism experience and writes about the greater Portland region.