This June 5, 2017, photo shows a marijuana leaf in the vegetative room at Alaska Cannabis Cultivators in Fairbanks, Alaska. Credit: Eric Engman | AP

PORTLAND, Maine — The organizers of the 2017 Maine Cannabis Convention say this is a critically important year for the event because of the state’s recent move toward legal marijuana.

The convention is scheduled to be held in Portland on Saturday and Sunday. Organizers say it’s an event for businesses, advocates, medical marijuana patients and anyone else with an investment in marijuana.

Voters in Maine legalized marijuana in the state last fall. State leaders are in the midst of crafting rules about legal sale of marijuana in Maine.

The event’s slogan is “Access, Opportunity, Education and Networking for ALL.”

Organizers say it’s legal to possess and use marijuana within Maine law at the show, but selling, gifting and consumption are not allowed in the venue.