A set of reality TV stars from Maine say they’re getting upstaged by their cat — and it doesn’t bother them one bit.

“He pretty much runs the place!” said Greg Morin, co-owner of Shaker Hill Outdoors.

Morin and his twin brother, Tim, have owned the landscaping, snowmobiling, and kayak business for the last 10 years. They made a name for themselves on the reality television show “Downeast Dickering.”

“We thought that doing the show was a great way to market our business,” Tim Morin said.

The show gave their business a boost, but in the years since it ended, the Morins’ cat, Artie, is helping them out.

“I think he knows he’s a celebrity,” Greg Morin said.

The brothers noticed Artie turning their kayak displays into his favorite sunbathing spots. They started snapping pictures and posting them online.

“People come just to see Artie. He’s like our Wal-Mart greeter.”

Artie’s full name is “Artie the Kayak Kat,” and while his Facebook fame grows, so do kayak sales.

“He’s seat tested every single kayak on this property.”

The Morins hope Artie — who was named after the snowmobile brand “Arctic Cat” — will also help boost their winter snowmobile business. They’re not so sure how that’ll work out, since Artie refuses to go outside in the winter.

“It’s all about Artie,” Tim Morin said.