The experiences to be had at Maine sporting camps are as varied as they are similar. Whether your interest is hunting, fishing, or just plain relaxing, there’s a camp for you.

Bradford Camps, for instance, is a traditional three-season camp located on remote Munsungan Lake in northern Maine. It’s the only camp on the lake. They offer lake and fly fishing, bird hunting, and family getaways. In addition to end-of-season trout and salmon fishermen, said owner Igor Sikorsky, leaf peepers also enjoy the camp’s remote location.

“Our guests are looking for a remote getaway with creature comforts like private bathrooms, made up cabins, and delicious home-cooked food,” said Sikorsky. “We’re far enough off the grid that we have no cell phone or internet access. This is something that we consider a benefit.”

Like many Maine camps, Bradford Camps is rooted in tradition. It’s been in continuous operation for 125 years and still harvests ice from the lake to use in the summer months.

Another Maine camp rooted in tradition while providing modern comfort is Mt. Chase Lodge on Shin Pond in northern Maine. Founded in 1960 as a recreational sporting lodge for hunters and fishermen, today it caters to people seeking a higher-end wilderness experience.

Many guests stay at Mt. Chase Lodge for self-guided grouse, moose, and deer hunting, as well as those simply looking to enjoy crisp fall colors, said Lindsay Downing, Mt. Chase Lodge’s co-owner. However, there’s no need to sacrifice good food or comfort while enjoying the great outdoors, she said.

“Our guests are looking for a homey experience where customer service is top priority,” she said. “We cater to every need that people come to us with [including food allergies]. Our guests dine together at a common dining room table, an experience that is becoming obsolete. Our beds are comfortable, our stone fireplace makes the main room great to relax in, and our beer and wine menu will keep people feeling great while they are on vacation.”

Likewise for Chandler Camps, a full-service sporting camp in T9R8. Chandler Camps is full-service lodge specializing in fishing for wild Maine brook trout and landlocked salmon as well as hunting for grouse, woodcock, whitetail deer, and moose. Featuring private lakeside cabins with private baths, Chandler also provides satellite telephone service, electricity, and Wi-Fi as needed. They provide guide services, high-quality meals, and more than 30 canoes on various remote ponds and lakes.

Other Maine sporting camps, like Homestead Lodge and Wilson’s on Moosehead Lake, offer similar rustic experiences in comfortable, welcoming atmospheres. If you’re looking to enjoy Maine this fall in a unique way, you might do well to give a Maine sporting camp a try.

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