A midcoast woman who said she babysat Orion Krause told the Boston Globe she couldn’t imagine “Little Orion” growing up to kill four people, as he’s been charged with doing.

Felicia Dunson told the newspaper she let Krause hold her newborn just last year and said, “He was so tender about it.”

Krause has been charged with murder in the Sept. 8 beating deaths of his mother, Elizabeth “Buffy” Krause, 60; his grandparents, Elizabeth “Esu” Lackey, 85, and Frank Danby “Dan” Lackey III, 89; and their home health aide, Bertha Mae Parker, 68, at the Lackeys’ home in Groton, Massachusetts.

Orion Krause has pleaded not guilty and is being held in Massachusetts without bail. He will undergo psychological evaluation at Bridgewater State Hospital before he appears in court again in late October.

“If we had known, if there had been a sign, people would have spoken about it,” Dunson, who said she kept in touch with Krause and his family in the years since she babysat him as a child, told the Globe. “They would have been there to lift him up, and let him know how much he was loved.”

She told the newspaper Orion Krause’s late mother “had a genuine nature to know and care and give,” adding that “she taught [her sons] to do the same.”