Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse on Mount Desert Island may be purchased by Acadia National Park, as many already associate the iconic landmark with the park. Credit: Micky Bedell

Ownership of the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse on Mount Desert Island could be changing hands if officials at Acadia National Park choose to accept the picturesque landmark from the U.S. Coast Guard.

Christie Anastasia, public affairs specialist at Acadia, said many visitors to the lighthouse already assume it’s part of the park since it is surrounded by federal land and frequently pictured in advertisements featuring the park.

“People already see it as a part of Acadia, it was hosted on the quarter when they were doing quarters for different national parks and when they came to Acadia, the design that they chose on the back of the quarter was the Bass Harbor Head Light Station,” she said. “There’s also a stamp that came out featuring it and we sell stuff in the gift shops and bookstore here specifically focused on the light station, even though it’s not actually in the park.”

Anastasia said park officials are currently weighing the advantages of the potential acquisition — along with anticipated costs.

“This would be really amazing and it would be really great to have that continue to be available to the public, but on the other side there’s a lot of costs with, one, getting it up to speed and, two, to a level where it could be used in a different manner,” she said. “But then there’s also a lot of questions about well, what do we do with it in a way that we can continue to preserve it at the quality it should be preserved at.”

Anastasia said the acceptance process leading to the park’s official acquisition of the lighthouse will likely require an additional several months.

This article appears through a media partnership with Maine Public.