An apparent pipe bomb was found in the compactor at the Winterport transfer station on Sunday, authorities said.

The discovery of the device and its detonation shut down the town dump on Route 129 for about three hours Sunday afternoon, Winterport Fire Chief Thomas Doe said Tuesday.

”The device was made of four pieces of PVC pipe and had wires sticking out of it, “ Doe said. The transfer station supervisor found it, and used a long hook to retrieve it from the compactor.

Sgt Joel Davis of fire marshal’s office declined Tuesday to discuss the device in detail because the investigation is ongoing.

“It was authentic looking enough to raise concerns,” he said Tuesday. “It looked like something that was discarded. We’d like to know why and who left it there.”

A call about the device came in about 11:15 a.m. Sunday, Lt. Matthew Curtis of the Waldo County Sheriff’s office, said Tuesday. Curtis responded to the call along with Doe.

Once Curtis saw the device, a member of the bomb squad from the Maine State Police was called in to deal with it.

“The bomb squad brought in their [disposal] robot and tried shooting at it from the robot to [make it safe],” Doe said. “That didn’t work, so he used a detonation coil to destroy it. It made a pretty big bang. The fire marshall gathered up the remnants and is investigating how it got there.”

The transfer station reopened about 3 p.m. Sunday and was open until 5 p.m., its regular closing time, Doe said. It was closed Monday for Labor Day and will reopen at noon Thursday.

Anyone with information about the device or its disposal at the transfer station is asked to call the the fire marshal’s regional dispatch center at 624-7076 and ask for Davis.