A 26-year-old inmate from Bolduc Correctional Facility escaped Wednesday and roamed free for a few hours before he was recaptured later that evening in downtown Rockland, nearly 10 miles away.

Jacob Carney, of Surry, was working on a supervised farm-related work detail job nearby but off the facility campus when he escaped, Maine Department of Corrections Commissioner Joseph Fitzpatrick said Friday.

He was recovered and arrested with the help of Rockland police and a prison fugitive recovery team, Fitzpatrick said.

The work crew Carney was working on returned to the prison around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, but his lack of presence went undetected for another hour, when an inmate count at 4:30 p.m. showed he was missing. Fitzpatrick said he does not know how Carney’s disappearance went undetected for more than an hour.

He was recaptured by Rockland police around 9 p.m. Wednesday evening behind the Breakwater Marketplace, about 9 miles away from the low-security prison. Police are not certain how Carney got to Rockland, but Fitzpatrick said there’s a possibility Carney hitched a ride.

Bolduc houses low-risk inmates with five or fewer years left on their sentences. Inmates have certain freedoms that inmates at other facilities don’t have. There are no fences around the facility and inmates can walk outside within the campus freely, for example.

In March 2016, Carney was charged and sentenced to 30 months behind bars for felony theft, according to the Department of Corrections’ inmate database. He was scheduled to be released in February 2018 at the earliest.

Since his recapture, he has been moved to the Maine State Prison.

The commissioner said Carney would likely be charged with escape, which would extend his sentence.