A panhandler who claims to be raising money for the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter is a scam artist, according to the shelter’s executive director.

A man recently was spotted downtown with a sign purporting to raise money for the shelter, according to a Wednesday evening post on the agency’s Facebook page.

But the shelter does not raise money by panhandling.

“We don’t raise money that way, but if people need some food or shelter, we can hook them up,” Boyd Kronholm, the shelter’s executive director, said.

The sign claims the man has already raised $30,000 for the shelter, which is a lie, he said.

The shelter, located on the corner of Main and Cedar streets, is funded by federal and state funds, which covers about 37 percent of the operating costs, with the remainder covered by the United Way, private foundations, donations and the agency’s annual fundraiser — the Hike for the Homeless.

The shelter does not want the man to be charged, but it does want him to stop using the sign.

It’s not illegal to panhandle in Bangor.

Sgt. Wade Betters of the Bangor Police Department said Thursday that he had not heard of the alleged scam.