Dial 911 for poo.

That’s Old Orchard Beach Town Manager Larry Mead’s message to people concerned about beachgoers publicly defecating in the southern Maine vacation town.

Last week, resident and visitors raised complaints about people pooping in public places along the town’s long beach because of a lack of public restrooms nearby, WMTW reported.

“They have some bathroom facilities … but it’s a good at least 15- to 20-minute walk,” beachgoer Kristen Lawrence told the Portland television station. Other residents reportedly said people are relieving themselves in the nearby dunes and bushes and even going in the ocean waters.

Mead said he’s not aware of any increase in reports of public pooping, but said lifeguards or the summer police officers who patrol the beach should be informed about “anyone using the beach or the dunes as a bathroom.”

“If a lifeguard or a police officer is not at hand we encourage people to contact the police department by calling 911,” the town manager wrote in an email.

Mead added that the city would “encourage visitors to become familiar with the beach entrances that are closer” to public restrooms in the town square.