Saturday, the Maine Beer Box will be center stage in Portland at Maine’s biggest beer festival, Summer Session.

The Maine Beer Box is a project from marine shipping company Eimskip and the Maine Brewer’s Guild. In March, the Box was sent on a refrigerated cargo container full of Maine craft beers, with over 50 taps on the outside.

[What the heck is a giant kegerator and why is it going from Maine to Iceland?]

It returned to Portland filled with Icelandic beers, completing the first-ever global beer exchange.

Maine and Icelandic craft brewers will be pouring their beer out of the Maine Beer Box throughout the festival.

The festival celebrates Maine and Icelandic craft brews and Maine launches efforts to turn itself into a global trade hub using the Eimskip container port in Portland.

In total, over 90 breweries from Iceland, Maine, Vermont and across the U.S. will be sharing their beer at Summer Session.

Set up for the Summer Session Festival in Maine began Saturday morning.