Sally Shaw’s cause of death will likely not be released in the near future, Steve McCausland, spokesman for the Department of Public Safety said Wednesday morning.

The body of the 55-year-old was discovered a week ago in the early morning on the side of Route 193 in Cherryfield.

Maine State Police Lt. Troy Gardner, on Friday, July 21, confirmed that Shaw had recently rented a black 2017 Chevy Impala from a rental car agency in Bangor. That vehicle was found with front end damage at the intersection of Route 193 and Route 9 — approximately 11 miles from where Shaw’s body was discovered.

Shaw was believed to have had connections with southern Maine, as well as the Washington County area, where her body was found.

“She was such a good person,” Shaw’s sister, Susan Shaw, told the Portland television station WCSH earlier this week.

“I can’t understand why this would happen,” she told the television station.

“To think about what may have happened, to think about how long she was there. Was she scared? Was anyone there to help her or was she all by herself? We don’t know any of these questions to be answered,” Shaw said.

McCausland, on Wednesday, July 26 said that sometimes in homicide cases, the cause of death can be withheld from the public for a number of reasons.

Sometimes the information is withheld because the incident is still under investigation, he said, and pieces are still being fit together.

“In some cases, we do not release the cause of death because the only people that know the cause of death are those responsible for it,” he said.

McCausland said he expects to release new developments in the case Wednesday afternoon.

Watch for updates.