CARIBOU, Maine — When the state experienced a sustained period of good weather over the Independence Day holiday weekend, it was somewhat of a relief to Karen Hutchinson of Houlton.

She said Wednesday morning that she took her children to the parade in Houlton followed by a trip to a nearby lake, but acknowledged being fearful that the cool, rainy weather from June would linger on into the summer.

“I am not the only one who has been saying that it hasn’t felt like summer here,” she said Tuesday. “I still had my heat on a few days in June.”

So Hutchinson was surprised to hear that records from the National Weather Service in Caribou showed that June finished with slightly above average temperatures and above average precipitation for northern and eastern Maine.

“I am surprised by that,” she said. “I thought it was a really cold spring.”

According to the NWS, temperatures across the region for the month ranged from 0.5 degrees below average to 1.5 degrees above average. After a cool start to the month, meteorologists said that temperatures across the state warmed up in the second week, with a few days experiencing high temps in the 80s and even a 90-degree high temp for some locations on June 11. On that day, record high temperatures were recorded in Caribou, Houlton, Millinocket and Bangor. Temperatures then returned to normal for the remainder of the month.

The low temperature for the month was 31 degrees, recorded on June 27 at Estcourt Station in far northern Maine. Several St. John Valley locations in northern Maine also had lows in the upper 30’s that morning.

In terms of rainfall, amounts that fell throughout the month varied according to location in northern and eastern Maine, but were mostly higher. Houlton received only 2.92 inches of rain last month, which is about 80 percent of average, while Frenchville received 5.84 inches, which was 140 percent of average. Millinocket received 6.16 inches, which was between 140 and 150 percent of average, according to the weather service.

Meanwhile, the NWS in Gray reported that Portland received 2.62 inches of rain in June, more than an inch below the average of 3.78 inches for the month.

Above average precipitation throughout the state over the winter and spring helped ease the 2016 drought conditions, according to University of Maine research assistant professor and state climatologist Sean Birkel. The statewide average precipitation was 2.3 inches higher than normal for the winter months of December, January and February, said Birkel, totaling 11.7 inches water equivalent. Spring precipitation was 2.5 inches above normal, totaling 12.3 inches water equivalent for the months of March, April and May.

Birkel also acknowledged that the state experienced both a warm, wet winter and a cool spring. He said that the average statewide winter temperature was 20.1 degrees fahrenheit and the average statewide spring temperature was 38. The normal average temperature in the winter in Maine is 20.3 degrees, while the average spring temperature is 44 degrees, according to NWS Meteorologist Todd Foisy.

The NWS forecast for the next four days has the state experiencing sunshine and temperatures in the 80’s on Thursday, with clouds moving in accompanied by scattered showers throughout the weekend.