This multi-unit apartment building at 31 East Oxford St. has been condemned by the city of Portland under its disorderly houses ordinance. Alexa Maslowski | CBS 13 Credit: Alexa Maslowski | CBS 13

The city of Portland has condemned an apartment building that nearby residents called “a crack station” and the site of “a straight-up gang war,” according to the Portland Press Herald.

It’s the first time the city has gone as far as having to condemn a building and evict tenants under the 29-year-old disorderly houses ordinance, the newspaper reported, as a city attorney said Portland has in the past been able to reach agreements with landlords to clean up their properties.

The Press Herald reported there were four calls for police to respond to the multi-unit building at 31 East Oxford St. during the month of April, qualifying the building as a disorderly house under the ordinance.

Landlord Clark Stephens has been ordered to turn the property over to a professional management firm, among other remediation steps, and three tenants of the building have until a court hearing next month to move out, the newspaper reported. Stephens has a criminal record dating back to 1993 including charges for theft, unemployment fraud and cruelty to animals, according to the Press Herald.

Other residents who live near the troubled East Oxford Street building told the newspaper the place has been where drug dealers “hang out at night and sell,” with one man saying it’s “a crack station” and another woman saying she witnessed “straight-up gang war” there — “guns versus two-by-fours.”