WESTBROOK, Maine — School bus problems in Westbrook have caused the district to voluntarily pull six from service after a complaint.

The problems ranged from “check engine” lights to expired state inspection stickers.

Westbrook schools said they got a call from the Maine State Police after someone complained about expired inspection stickers and other bus problems.

“They said to pull anything that we wanted to have checked,” director of operations Dean Flanagin said, “whether it was up for an inspection sticker or maybe some of the indicator lights — because occasionally we’ll have a service engine light that comes on.”

The school department said state police would be on the property Wednesday to inspect the entire fleet to see whether those problems were corrected.

Parents said it’s concerning the district didn’t know about these issues before state police got involved.

“I think it’s awful,” Jennifer Carrier said. “I think the town and the state — they need to be a little more aware.”