A class ring from Brewer High School was found in Glenholme, Nova Scotia. Credit: Courtesy of CTV Atlantic

A 1980 Brewer High School graduate will soon be reunited with her class ring after losing it more than three decades ago.

“I remember when I lost it and I was upset,” said Cathy Bradstreet, of Searsmont, who learned Tuesday morning the ring she lost in the early 1980s — and had assumed was sitting at the bottom of a lake or the ocean — was waiting for her in Nova Scotia.

She couldn’t recall ever taking it to Nova Scotia, so she was “shocked” when she got the call from her senior class president on Tuesday morning saying the ring had been found.

Johnny Ward came across the ring in the early 1990s while he was cleaning the women’s restroom of a now closed Irving gas station in Glenholme, Nova Scotia, according to the Canadian television network CTV.

The ring has a pinkish-red stone and engravings that read, “Brewer High School,” “1980,” the initials “C.A.J.,” and included a picture of a witch, the school’s mascot, according to CTV.

Ward had kept Bradstreet’s ring behind the counter of the gas station before it shut down about 20 years ago, according to CTV. The ring has been at Ward’s house since, but he was recently urged by his girlfriend to try and find its owner. So he reached out to the Canadian TV station to help solve the mystery.

Following the CTV story and a group conversation on the Brewer High School Class of 1980 Facebook page, senior class president John Edwards was able to track down Bradstreet.

Bradstreet identified the ring after seeing additional pictures of it, which showed details such as a winged runner’s foot symbolizing her participation on the track team; a harp, representing her love for the piano; a feather pen, representing her love for art; and atomic particles, representing her skills in science and plans to earn a degree in nursing.

“I saw the symbols on the ring and I definitely knew that it was mine,” she said.

She spoke to Ward at around noon on Tuesday. He agreed to mail the ring to her.

“He was excited. He was very happy that it got back to his rightful owner,” said Bradstreet. “I’m very grateful for John Ward and his girlfriend who would go through the effort to find the owner of this ring. It touches me deeply that they did.”