It appears the long-empty former Circuit City building near the Bangor Mall may soon be demolished.

A demolition permit was filed with the city on March 22 for 668 Stillwater Ave., a large box store on a 3-acre plot of land near the mall, according the city’s Community and Economic Development Director Tanya Emery. The building has been mostly vacant since 2009 when Circuit City moved out following the financial crisis, although it was utilized seasonally for several years by Spirit Halloween, a Halloween costumes and supplies store.

Emery said the property owners have six months to demolish the building under the permit but did not know when the demolition would take place. A fence was constructed around the store over the past couple weeks, she said.

Construction contractor Sargent Corporation, which is permitted to conduct the demolition, was not immediately available for comment. And Sarah Zmistowski, a Bangor-based attorney who acted as a registered agent for the company that owns the site, CC Realty LLC, also did not immediately return calls.

In fiscal year 2017, the site was assessed at $2,164,800 and taxed $48,708, according to the city’s assessor’s office.