At 9 a.m. Thursday mornings a group of five men meet up at Sawyer Arena to practice hockey. But the group doesn’t don traditional skates. Instead they strap into specialized hockey sleds. The group has been playing for 14 years and consists of disabled and able-bodied athletes. “We’re just looking for anybody to play right now. We have plenty of gear, sleds, helmets and sticks. We just need people to play,” Keith Skeffington said. Sled hockey is just like stand-up hockey, except athletes sit in a sled that sits just 3 inches off the ice. “It’s for people with lower limb disabilities. You have to have use of your upper body,” Skeffington explained. Interested athletes can contact the team at


Ashley Conti

Capturing sports isn't just about the peak action shot, it's about capturing who these people are and how hard they worked to get where they are. This is what this blog will help show. Not only will...