SIDNEY, Maine — Police say a man was shot in the chest during a violent home invasion Sunday night.

Kennebec County deputies responded to a report of a possible home invasion in progress on Lyons Road around 7:11 p.m.

When deputies arrived they said they found the homeowner’s son with a serious head injury and the suspect with a gunshot wound to his upper chest.

The 84-year-old homeowner told deputies she was in her home when someone began knocking on her door, asking to use the phone.

The victim told the suspect to go next door. That’s when the suspect began forcing his way into the home, according to police.

Deputies said the victim retreated to her bedroom and called her 47-year-old son, who lives next door.

Once the suspect entered the home, he tried to enter the victim’s bedroom, according to deputies.

Before the suspect could enter the room, he was confronted by the homeowner’s son.

Deputies said the suspect then hit the son in the head with a blunt instrument, knocking him to the floor.

The suspect continued to attack the son until the son shot the suspect in the upper chest with a handgun he was carrying, according to deputies.

Shortly after the confrontation, deputies arrived at the scene to find the son with a serious head injury and the suspect with a gunshot wound to the chest. The homeowner was not injured during the incident.

The son and the suspect were both transported to Maine General for treatment.