Border wall alternative

How about instead of spending billions of dollars to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border we employ American workers to build and install solar panels on every federal building? Use more drones to patrol our borders.

Jennifer Tibbetts


Obamacare’s consumer protections

As the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act unfolds, I am reminded of Joni Mitchell’s lament in her 1970 hit song “Big Yellow Taxi”: “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone.” If the Affordable Care Act goes, so will its protections from health insurance abuses.

Gone will be coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, coverage until age 26 for children on a parent’s plan, protection from lifetime and annual limits on coverage, protection from frivolous policy cancellation, mental health and addiction treatment benefits and many other essential services, premium subsidies for those who qualify, protection from vastly higher premiums for certain women, the elderly and rural residents, relief from the Medicare “doughnut hole,” portability for certain people who move out-of-state or lose their employer’s coverage, and more.

Please urge Sen. Susan Collins and Rep. Bruce Poliquin to oppose the inhumane, vindictive rush to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement plan. Their initial votes were disheartening. I am particularly troubled by one of Poliquin’s goals expressed in a letter I received from his office, namely “to remove big government from our health insurance industry.” Has he forgotten that the abuses of the health insurance industry — and the fear of bankruptcy or death it created for families — were the reason “big government” enacted the Affordable Care Act in the first place?

Let’s not wait until the Affordable Care Act is gone to appreciate and defend its valuable benefits.

Catherine Raymaker


Jackson for governor

We cannot ignore the endless stream of articles and studies and election results that underline this point made by Glenn Greenwald in a Feb. 9 post on The Intercept: “The Democratic Party has collapsed as a national political force in the United States.”

If Maine Democrats are to begin winning statewide elections, which they have not since 2006, we need true progressive candidates who represent the people and our needs, not big money or just one segment of Mainers. Party does not matter — it’s what you stand for and what you’ll fight for.

This is why there is an effort afoot asking Troy Jackson to run for governor in 2018.

Carla White

South Thomaston

Trump’s tax returns

After watching President Donald Trump’s Feb. 17 news conference, I am 100 percent convinced that this man is completely unfit to be president.

Also since he won’t release his tax returns, it seems like he’s got to be hiding something.

I say give him a deadline to release his returns, and if he does not, start impeachment proceedings right off.

Lloyd Thibodeau


Questions for Collins

I have five questions for Sen. Susan Collins.

1. What action items does she intend to prevent Scott Pruitt from dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency and turning our natural resources over to the fossil fuel industry?

2. Will she join with Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham in denouncing President Donald Trump’s attack on our free press?

3. Will she denounce Trump’s “alternative facts” for what they are — lies — or will she allow those Mainers who buy into those lies to persist in the view that Trump speaks truth and CNN, The New York Times and other media outlets lie?

4. What action items does she intend to insure that Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuses himself from Department of Justice’s and FBI’s Russian investigations?

5. Does she intend to become a strong voice against the forces that threaten the pillars of our Republic or remain in the background with her finger in the wind?

Alan Lieberman


People picked Trump

As America has evolved, the rural community has factored less into the equation. Politics today is focused on the urban areas of our nation. At our very beginning, our ancestors left societies where their worth was not considered to be significant. Our founders created a structure to allow us opportunity.

Here we are after an election when the elite seemed to believe some of us were not worthy of consideration.

For all the pipe fitters, plumbers, electricians, tool and die makers, carpenters, auto factory workers out of work, reality is different. Unless you have an MBA or a Ph.D. your opinion is not worthy of consideration. Guess who those people voted for, and the elite cannot believe it. Of all things, they are blaming Russia.

For all the media hype, Hollywood hype and elitist hype, they find themselves in the reality of today.

They may not consider Donald Trump their president, but guess what, some of us do. We are Americans, we can choose to do the best we can or choose to destroy. People can act like a kid who can’t get his toy and throw a temper tantrum.

Tom Deschaine


Trump’s edicts

Do you hear the roaring thunder rolling across our land as the hammer of edict after edict is spewed forth from this White House and into the lives of all our fellow citizens?

The cry to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act has become a living reality striking fear into the hearts and minds of millions who need health care that they can afford and count on. Millions more now fear that they or their loved ones may not be welcome or protected within the borders of our country. Many more now look around and see the growing signs of hatred for people of different religious faiths or national origins. The call to discriminate grows ever louder with each new ban and cry to build up walls and push people out.

Where are the people we sent to Congress to represent and protect us? Do they not hear our cries for fairness in incomes, justice for the oppressed and basic health care and safety for all? Have they been deafened by the thunder of the rich and powerful and no longer hear the voices of the people calling out for clean air, water and soil? For truth and fact based information?

Beware, with thunder comes lightning and sometimes fire.

Eda Morrison