BANGOR, Maine — Two teens were caught on camera allegedly trying to break into back doors at Bagel Central, and they were promptly identified after the manager on Monday posted the videos on the business’ Facebook page.

“With Facebook and a small community like we have, we knew who they were within five minutes,” Manager Scott Bryson said at noon. “We got a ton of personal messages with names.”

The videos show the teens trying to access doors on the backside of the Central Street building, moving one camera so that it points at the Kenduskeag Stream, as well as one teen dancing and one falling off a trash container, Bryson said.

“The scariest part, I didn’t post this, is that one of the [teens] falls off the Dumpster and the Kenduskeag Stream is literally a foot and a half away,” Bryson said, adding he was concerned for the teen’s safety.

“I didn’t really want to get anybody in trouble, but I want them to know we have cameras,” he said.

In fact, the bakery and restaurant added more cameras after someone broke a front door last year when the business was closed and took a cash register.

“That’s how they got caught,” Bryson said, referring to the surveillance system.

A police official told Bryson that he would be talking with the girls and their parents.