Censure Comey

I am shocked at the actions of FBI Director James Comey over Hillary Clinton’s email. He has inserted more havoc into an already chaotic election season just days before the election with no reasonable evidence that would justify his actions.

He should be censured in public for the sake of our democracy. One man should not wield so much power. An agency of the federal government should not act politically. And it seems to me that this latest drama is just a tempest in a teapot anyway. He should be ashamed.

Carolyn Bower


Question 2 benefits wealthy towns

The Maine Heritage Policy Center is focusing on who will benefit if Question 2 passes. Not all communities will benefit from this additional education funding if it passes. While there are 130 communities that will not benefit from the additional tax revenue, there are seven towns that will lose money if this referendum passes.

The education funding formula does not provide for a different manner to calculate funding. Therefore, the additional revenues will benefit the wealthy communities that currently receive the most funding. Get educated about what will happen to your town if Question 2 passes. Vote no on Question 2.

Gilberte Mayo


Theim for Waldo County probate

I have been practicing law in Lincolnville since 1982. My practice includes estate planning, wills, trusts, real estate and small-business matters, as well as many other areas of law. This knowledge gives me the kind of background well suited to being judge of probate for Waldo County. For example, a petition for a conservator of an adult could include issues involving real estate, complex trusts or estate tax issues.

Unlike my opponent, I am not a politician. While Susan Longley has spent many years as a teacher, legislator and self-promoter for her political career, I have been practicing law.

Maine’s probate courts handle cases governed by Title 18-A, known as the probate code. Each county is mandated to use the same law, follow the same rules and use the same forms, providing uniformity throughout the state.

The authority of the probate judge is proscribed by the rules and by the probate code. The probate court is not a family court, though some cases involve disputes between families.

If elected, I will act immediately to restore strict adherence to the rules and the probate code, insure transparency, accountability and that all parties and attorneys are treated in a respectful manner and that due process is followed for all parties.

Susan C. Thiem


Caldwell for House District 131

I support Democrat Dorothy Caldwell in the race for House District 131, which includes the towns of Dedham, Orland, Otis, Penobscot, Prospect, Stockton Springs and Verona Island. Caldwell will be a fresh face in the Legislature.

She is a retired small-business woman able to devote all her energy to the district. She will bring to Augusta a commitment to attending the general sessions, reading all the bills, working actively on her assigned committee and voting in the best interest of our communities. She is a quiet person who, as a licensed clinical professional counselor, will listen carefully to anyone in the district who calls. If you suggest legislation, she will make sure that it is vetted and written for full legislative consideration. Without a paid staff, she will personally make all legislative requests a priority.

Our district is plastered with the signs of her opponent, Republican Rep. Karl Ward who seems to have unlimited funds, but Caldwell is a clean election candidate with a limited budget. Caldwell will set her focus on our communities and the individuals who live in them without seeking personal recognition and approval. When she is serving, she will provide memorial and special recognition legislative sentiments recognized during the legislative session and not for re-election time.

Caldwell is an ideal candidate for the House. Caldwell is one of the comfortable but not wealthy, the Maine middle class, the kind of person you usually find in the House. Please vote for Caldwell.

Veronica Garvey Magnan

Sandy Point

Thibodeau a proven leader

I’ve attended several political debates and read our local newspapers to better understand the candidates’ stand on important issues. My biggest disappointment has been the misinformed and judgmental electorate. This has been very evident in the senate race for Senate District 11 in Waldo County.

At one of the debates, people criticized the incumbent, Senate President Mike Thibodeau, for not supporting the recent solar energy bill, saying he was voting for “big energy.” Thibodeau, however, voted to support the solar energy bill. It was passed unanimously by the Senate, then vetoed by Gov. Paul LePage. During the effort to overturn the veto, the House supported the governor’s veto, killing the bill.

Democrat Jonathan Fulford stated he is strongly opposed to “dark money” in campaigns, then gave a “like” (thumbs up) on the Waldo County Democrats Facebook page’s announcement that Progressive Maine, a California-based political action committee, was contributing $50,000 to his campaign. Actions speak louder than words.

Fulford boasts that he is a clean election candidate, spending more than $50,000 of taxpayer’s money, while outside groups have spent more than $104,000 to support him.

Thibodeau has raised about $30,000 the old-fashioned way. He has shown his true character of wisdom, humbleness and selflessness during these tumultuous times in Augusta. It just doesn’t make sense to vote for an unknown when the voters of Waldo County can re-elect a well-respected, highly ethical, proven leader in Thibodeau.

Rose Williams


Kornfield for House District 125

In a recent political mailing, Republican Gary Capehart, a candidate for House District 125, stated it was “shameful” that Democratic Rep. Victoria Kornfield, who represents District 125, would not approve Bill Beardsley’s appointment to become Maine’s commissioner of education.

This is a blatant lie. Neither Kornfield nor the Legislature’s Education Committee, which she co-chairs, had the opportunity to vote on Beardsley’s appointment because Gov. Paul LePage refused to bring his name forward for a vote.

What is shameful is printing falsehoods. What is shameful is distorting the truth.

Kornfield has my vote because she has done an outstanding job working with Democrats and Republicans to improve education throughout the state.

I urge voters in District 125 to support her in her efforts to maintain civility and honor in a most toxic political atmosphere.

Carol Farthing


Election notice

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